Monday, August 8, 2022

A severe power crisis in Pakistan could shut down the internet, telecom operators warn

Pakistan power crisis: Telecom operators on Thursday warned Pakistan to shut down their mobile and internet services due to power outages. According to news agency ANI, the National Board of Information Technology (NIBT) said on Twitter that “telecom operators in Pakistan have warned to shut down mobile and internet services due to prolonged power outages across the country, as their operations are being disrupted.” Problems and obstacles. “

Earlier on Monday, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif had warned the country that it could face load shedding in July, Geo News reported. Despite the coalition government trying to make the deal possible, Pakistan has not been able to get the required liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply, he said.

Pakistan is struggling to buy LNG
Refinitiv data show that Pakistan’s monthly fuel oil imports reached a four-year high in June, as the country struggles to buy LNG for power generation, increasing demand, Geo News reported.

Pakistan is facing its own power crisis due to its failure to reach an agreement on natural gas supply. July tenders were canceled due to high prices and low participation.

The Pakistani government is trying to boost energy conservation, reducing the working hours of government employees and ordering factories in various cities, including Karachi, to close shopping malls soon.

Inflation has reached double digits in July
Pakistan’s double-digit deficit led to a sharp decline in foreign exchange reserves due to inflation and lack of foreign exchange inflows. Inflation in Pakistan reached double digits in July, the biggest increase in nearly six years.

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