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Corona has four weird new symptoms, don’t you?

Coronavirus: Two years after the outbreak of the corona virus, thousands of Kovid-19 cases are being reported worldwide. With the rise of new types of infections, the symptoms of covid have changed. Initially, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) described its main symptoms as fever, cough, loss of appetite, or changes in the ability to smell or taste. Now the recently updated guidelines from NHS also provide information on other symptoms including sore throat, runny or stuffy nose and headache.

But what about some of its more obscure signs and symptoms? From skin lesions to hearing loss, data are increasingly showing that covid’s symptoms may be different from the common cold-cough or flu.

1) Wounds on the skin

Skin complaints related to covid are not uncommon. Instead, a study published in the UK in 2021 found that only one in five patients had skin rashes and no symptoms. Covid can affect the skin in many ways. Some people may have acne or pimples on their skin, while others may have acne and inflammation. Most of the symptoms of skin related covid can disappear after a few days or in some cases after a few weeks without any special treatment. If there is a lot of burning or pain in the skin, you can see a dermatologist who can prescribe a cream-like treatment.

2) Covid nails

During any infection with SARS-CoV-2, it tries to tell you how much pressure your body naturally has. He can try to say this in many ways with his nails. When the physical pressure on the body temporarily hinders the growth of the nails, horizontal lines appear on the fingernails. Horizontal white lines appear on the nails due to abnormal production of protein in the skin under the nails. Data on the symptoms associated with covid nails are limited, but it is estimated that it may be present in one to two percent of covid patients.

3) Hair loss

Hair loss is a minor symptom of Covid-19, which occurs a month or more after infection. A study of nearly 6,000 people suffering from covid found that about 48 percent reported hair loss as the most common problem after corona virus infection. It lasts longer in people who are seriously infected.

4) Hearing loss or tinnitus

Along with other infections, including the flu and measles, the effects of covid were seen on the cells inside the ear. Which may have affected the ability to hear or cause a problem with tinnitus, in which there is a constant ringing in the ears. A study of about 560 people found that 3.1 percent of Kovid patients had hearing loss and 4.5 percent had tinnitus.

Why all these symptoms?

We don’t understand exactly why these symptoms appear, but in fact inflammation has a huge effect. Inflammation acts as your body’s natural defense system against pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2. It produces proteins called “cytokines” which are important for controlling the activity of immune cells. Excessive production of this protein in the form of inflammation caused by the corona virus can cause hearing loss or tinnitus in some people. It can block even the tiny blood vessels that carry blood to other organs, including the ears, skin and nails.

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