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Elder Line No. 1 Helpline for Senior Citizens 14567 PIB Fact Check

The country’s first helpline for senior citizens: Special facilities have been introduced for senior citizens across the country. Now if you have any problem you can call only one number. This toll free number has been introduced keeping in view the safety of senior citizens of the country. PIB tweeted the number.

PIB tweeted
The PIB wrote in its official tweet that senior citizens can now call the Elder Line number if they need information related to pensions, legal issues or any kind of assistance. Here all your troubles will be gone.

The country’s first helpline toll-free number for senior citizens is 14567

Why was the number issued?
We tell you, the Government of India has issued the first All India Toll-Free Helpline No. 14567 in the country. It has been dubbed the ‘Elder Line’. Through this helpline, senior citizens can now get information related to their pension and legal matters. In addition, you can get help in cases of domestic violence. It will also be a help for the destitute elderly.

All kinds of crises will be gone
The aim of the government is to help all senior citizens and alleviate their worries through this helpline. At the same time, every minor problem related to his life can be solved. We tell you, the helpline number was first introduced by Tata Trust.

By 2050, it will be 20 percent of the elderly population
By 2050, the country’s aging population will reach 20 percent. People in this age group have a variety of problems. These range from physical distress to mental, emotional and legal issues. The helpline aims to provide better assistance to senior citizens during the Corona epidemic.

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