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Get hands on with ONDC Google, the e-commerce platform open network for digital commerce

Open Network for Digital Commerce ONDC: In the last few years, along with the growing influence of internet in the country, many e-commerce companies have also made crores of rupees in the country. Big companies like Amazon-Flipkart do business worth thousands of crores every year in India. In such a scenario, the central government will now launch its new e-commerce platform. The name of this e-commerce company is Network for Digital Commerce i.e. ONDC. Initially, the company will be launched as a pilot project. The first will be launched in Delhi-NCR, Bhopal, Shillong and Coimbatore. The first 150 retailers in all these cities will be added.

In addition, ONDC will be connected to Google. The reason behind launching ONDC is to end the monopoly of big e-commerce companies and connect all the small traders in the country with the help of internet from all parts of the country. With the help of these e-commerce companies, ONDC wants to help the poor and middle class traders in the country. Google has also expressed interest in participating in the event to increase ONDC’s reach.

Many companies can join ONDC
Following the government’s announcement to launch an e-commerce company, several large tech companies in the country are showing interest in partnering with the e-commerce company. TN Koshi, chief executive of ONDC, said many companies in the country are considering partnering with e-commerce companies. The largest company is Google.

Learn about open networks for digital commerce-
ONDC is an e-commerce company that will help retailers in rural areas of the country and connect these merchants to the Internet world. With the help of this e-commerce company will help to compete with companies like Flipkart-Amazon etc. and reduce their influence. We would like to inform you that this e-commerce company is being started with the help of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

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