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Hong Kong’s famous jumbo floating restaurant in the South China Sea, find out how the accident happened?

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: A tourist attraction in Hong Kong and the famous jumbo floating restaurant is sunk in the South China Sea. The accident happened while passing by Paracel Island. The matter has been reported by Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Limited, the parent company of the restaurant. According to the company, the restaurant was passing by Paracel Island on Sunday. There they were overturned by bad weather, and filled with water, which merged into the sea.

The water depth where the incident took place was more than 1000 meters or 3280 feet. In such a situation, the rescue operation of the restaurant had to face many difficulties. Despite much effort, this restaurant could not be saved. Although no one was injured in the crash, the company said it was “extremely tragic”. The restaurant hosts a number of veterans, including Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. It used to be a major attraction for tourists visiting Hong Kong.

She was being replaced after 46 years

According to the report, the jumbo restaurant drowned while being taken to another place by boat after 46 years. This jumbo restaurant in Hong Kong has been a major tourist attraction for many years. It was started in 1976 and is considered one of the best Cantonese cuisine. The jumbo restaurant had not started since the Corona epidemic. This floating restaurant has been taken by boat. Hundreds of people had gathered to bid him farewell.

Bol had become a jumbo restaurant

No investor came forward to renew it. The owners tried hard to revive it, but when it did not succeed, they were evacuated from the port of Aberdeen in Hong Kong, when it sank. According to Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises, which operates it, the cost of running this floating restaurant has been steadily rising. He could not constantly invest money. Its maintenance costs millions of dollars every year. It is unlikely to resume in the next few days, the company said.

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