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In Sri Lanka, apples cost Rs 1,200 and grapes Rs 1,800. Per kg, the standard of living of the common people

Sri Lanka’s financial crisis: The situation in India’s neighbor Sri Lanka is deteriorating. The situation in the country has not improved even after the emergency. Inflation has reached a peak. Inflation and weak currency in the country have pushed up the prices of daily necessities, making life difficult for the common man. Alina Fernando, a Sri Lankan citizen, told ABP: “People in Sri Lanka are facing a lot of problems right now.

He said prices of vegetables, fruits and household items have doubled to tripled. When ABP Mazha spoke to Chandana, who runs a fruit shop, he said that due to the financial crisis, the prices of fruits have doubled.

  • Apples – before 350 – now 1200
  • Mango- 350 to 700 now
  • Orange- formerly 400-800 now
  • Pineapple- formerly 200-400 now
  • Grapes – before 1200-1800

Then we reached the vegetable shop. When we talked about the prices of vegetables there, Sira, who was there, told us in Hindi, what is the effect on the price of vegetables.

  • Potatoes – now 340- 250 years ago
  • Tomatoes – now 850–280 years ago
  • Carrots – now 440–220 ago
  • Simla Chili – now 850-650 years ago
  • Cabbage – now 850–650 ago
  • Eggplant – now 480- 180 years ago

Sira said that in the past, a person used to take one kg of goods, now he is taking half a kg. Not only this, with the increase in diesel prices, goods are also getting less. I don’t even get paid to pay my employees. People are scared because vegetables are expensive. In the past, they used to do home delivery of vegetables, but due to increase in diesel prices, they do not do home delivery either. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Last week, the price of lemon was five hundred rupees. Per kg
In Sri Lanka, the price of lemon was Rs 500 per kg on May 9 last week. However, if we talk about Indian currency, it will come to around Rs 125 per kg. At present, one Indian rupee is equal to four Sri Lankan rupees. According to him, lemons are three to four times more expensive in India than in Sri Lanka. Prices of vegetables and fruits have skyrocketed in Sri Lanka. Potatoes were fetching Rs 240 per kg and onions Rs 260 per kg. According to the locals, the rate at which one kg of goods was received a few weeks ago is now getting two hundred and fifty grams. An apple cost 160 rupees.

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