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Kubbra Sait talks about her pregnancy and abortion after One Night Stand | Kubbra Sait Abortion: Kubbra Sait became pregnant after ‘One Night Stand’.

Kubbara pregnancy: Kubra Sait of ‘Sacred Games’ is currently in the spotlight due to her personal life. The actress has recently become the author of her book ‘Open Book: Not Quiet a Memoir’. In this book Kubra has made many amazing revelations related to his life, one of which is related to his pregnancy. The actress has revealed in her book that she once did ‘One Night Stand’ and then she became a mother. She was only 30 at the time.

Kubra became pregnant at the age of 30

Kubra Sait said in a recent interview how she felt when her pregnancy test came back positive and how she took it. Speaking to e-Times, Kubra said, “I decided to have an abortion a week later. I was not ready for this (child). It was not the way I had imagined for my future. I was not ready for it at the time and I think, I I’m not ready for that yet. I understand the pressure on women to get married at age 23 and have a baby at age 30. “

Kubra talks about abortion

Commenting on how Kubra felt after the abortion, she said, “Of course I felt like a terrible person, but I didn’t feel bad about why I did it, that’s why. I was afraid of how people would understand this. . My choice was about me. Sometimes it can be difficult to help yourself. But that’s fine. You have to do it. “

At the age of 17, Kubra was molested by his uncle

When Kubra was 17, she was molested by one of her uncles. Speaking to Zoom, he said that those who have done this to him should not come and apologize. She was sharing a recent incident with her. She has come out of her past.

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