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Learn how to make Gulkand at home from roses

Gulkand Recipe: Gulkand is plentiful in summer. There are many benefits to eating sugarcane. Gulkand is made from the leaves of the rose flower. Some people also call it rose jam. Eating sugarcane keeps the body cool, so the mind becomes sharp. Eating sugarcane does not cause heat in the stomach and constipation. In the past, women used to make Gulkand at home. You can also use it as a mouth freshener.

You can easily make Gulkand at home. Let’s learn how to make Gulkand.

Ingredients for making Gulkand

  • Rose leaves – 250 g
  • Sugar candy or powdered sugar – 500 g
  • Ground green cardamom – 1 tsp
  • Ground dill – 1 tsp

Sugarcane making recipe

  • Take a glass jar and cover it with rose petals.
  • Now put some sugar candy on the rose petals.
  • Put a layer of rose petals on it again and then add some sugar candy.
  • Now add cardamom powder and fennel.
  • The remaining rose petals and sugar candy should be kept in a glass jar.
  • Now close the lid of the jar and keep it in the sun for about 0 days.
  • This will cause water to leak out of the sugar candy in the pot and the rose petals to melt.
  • Stir constantly and when all the ingredients seem to be melted, put them in another pot.
  • You can easily eat sugarcane for a month.
  • Eating sugarcane keeps the stomach cool in summer and does not cause any digestive problems.

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