Saturday, May 28, 2022

LPG crisis in Sri Lanka, people standing in line for hours on end

Crisis in Sri Lanka: The situation in Sri Lanka is deteriorating day by day, with inflation weakening as the currency weakens. Whether it is the prices of daily necessities, the prices of vegetables, the prices of fruits and vegetables, the prices of fuel, everything is skyrocketing. Even after the emergency, the situation in the country has not improved. The worst case scenario is LPG where people have to wait on the road for hours for LPG.

The general public in Sri Lanka is facing difficulties for LPG cylinders. It has become difficult for people to get gas cylinders. Locals said people lined up on the streets for hours waiting for gas cylinders, even after they did not get LPG cylinders. Citizens are facing increasing difficulties due to non-availability of gas cylinders. When ABP Mazha interacted with the local Hindi connoisseurs there, they expressed the grievances of the people, they expressed their mindset and now only God knows when they will get out of this crisis.

The auto driver spoke about the fuel crisis in Sri Lanka
We would have spoken to Chaminda, a Hindi speaking auto driver, who said that his earnings have been completely depleted due to non-availability of petrol for the last 5 days. He said that if petrol is not available then what will he do, he will stay at home but who will take care of our family and children. The price of petrol, which was Rs 150 per liter two-three months ago, is now Rs 338 per liter.

Medical facilities were also destroyed
Sri Lanka currently lacks medical facilities. People are going through a bad situation due to lack of medicines. According to locals, the situation in the country is such that even if a dog bites, the patient does not get an injection of rabies until he dies. At the same time, the students presented their problems and said that they were facing many problems as they could not even buy the books they needed.

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