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Make Mango Barfi from Mango, people will keep eating Mango Pak

Mango Barfi Recipe: Mango is the king of summer fruits. In that case, you will get the taste of mango in most things. You can taste Mango Ice Cream, Mango Ice Cream, Mango Kheer, Mango Custard or Mango Fruit Cream. Many foods are made from mango in summer, but have you tasted mango barfi? Today we are asking you to make a very tasty mango barfi. This snow is very popular in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. People also call it Aam Pak. Everyone from young to old will love this mango barfi. Let us know how to make Mango Pak at home. What is the recipe for Mango Pak?

Ingredients for mango cooking

  • About 6-7 hapus mango pulp
  • About 500 grams of aphids
  • 250 grams of sugar
  • About 1 tbsp ghee
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder
  • Edible yellow in a pinch
  • Finely chopped pistachios for garnish

Mango recipe

  • To make Mango Barfi Mango Pak, first place the dough in a pan and fry while stirring.
  • While frying the aphids, note that the gas flame is moderate and keep stirring the aphids.
  • Once the ghee is released, add mango pulp and simmer for 4-5 minutes while stirring.
  • Now add food coloring and cardamom powder. While mixing, cook for a while and remove from the heat.
  • Make 1 string of syrup in a pan. For this, add sugar in 1 cup water and stir.
  • When the syrup is ready, add mava and curry mixture and mix well.
  • Now grease the pan or plate in which you want to cook the ghee and spread the mixture.
  • Make it uniform like ice and put pistachio pieces on top and let it cool.
  • Once the mixture has cooled, cut into your favorite shapes. Delicious Mango Barfi or Mango Pak is ready.
  • Remember to keep the mango juice in the fridge after it is cooked, eat it only after keeping it outside.

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