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Multiplexes refused to give movie tickets to a lungi-clad man, called after the video went viral

Bangladeshi man in lungi: A man wearing a lungi visits a cinema at Star Cineplex, part of a major multiplex chain in Bangladesh. He was not given a ticket to watch a movie there. His video went viral on social media. Multiplex has issued its clarification after watching this viral video. A viral video claims that an old man was denied a ticket to a multiplex because he was wearing a lungi. This video, which surfaced on Wednesday, went viral in no time. The name of the person seen in the video is Saman Ali Sarkar.

A person wearing a lungi was not given a ticket, the video went viral

As reported by the Dhaka Tribune, the video showed that he went to watch the movie ‘Poran’ at the Star Cineplex theater in Dhaka’s Sony Square branch, but was denied a ticket. Cineplex then clarified on its official Facebook page that it does not discriminate against customers on any basis.

Cineplex said – We don’t discriminate

Star Cineplex wrote that “We would like to make it clear that Star Cineplex does not discriminate against customers on the basis of a person’s attire. There are no policies in place in our organization that would deny a person the right to purchase a ticket because they prefer to wear a lounge,” Star Cineplex wrote. “Anyone is welcome,” the Facebook post said.

Cineplex added, “This incident circulating through social media is the result of an unfortunate misunderstanding. We are shocked to see such an incident and thank the concerned parties for bringing it to our notice.”

Cineplex called the person and showed the movie

The cinema hall later invited Mr. Sarkar and his family to watch the movie at the same multiplex and posted the pictures on their Facebook page. Sariful Raj, one of the stars of “Poran”, also accompanied Mr. Sarkar and his family to the theater and watched the film with him.

According to a Dhaka Tribune report, in the viral video, the man is heard saying that theater staff refused to sell him tickets because he was wearing a lungi.

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