Monday, August 8, 2022

Rahul Gandhi was detained during the Congress agitation against the Centre

Senior Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor along with other party members were detained by the Delhi Police during a protest against the central government against inflation and unemployment in the national capital on Friday, according to news agencies. ANI.

Rahul Gandhi said that all Congress MPs were marching towards Rashtrapati Bhavan to raise the issue of inflation and inflation, but they were not allowed to proceed from here. He also alleged that some MPs were beaten up by the police officers.

Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a press conference, alleged that India was witnessing the “death of democracy” and that anyone who stood up against dictatorship was subjected to “extreme attacks”.

“We are witnessing the death of democracy. Brick by brick what India has built since almost a century ago is crumbling before your eyes. Anyone who stands against this idea of ​​ushering in a dictatorship is attacked, jailed, arrested and beaten up,” the former Congress chief said.

“The idea is that people’s issues – be it inflation, unemployment, communal violence – should not be raised. This is the only agenda of the government and the government is being run to protect the interests of 4-5 people and this dictatorship is being run by 2 people for the benefit of 2-3 big businessmen,” added Rahul Gandhi.

He also alleged that the government is being run to protect the interests of four or five people and that this ‘dictatorship’ is being run by two people for the benefit of two or three big industrialists.

The Congress is holding countrywide protests against inflation, unemployment and GST rate hike on some essential items and will also ‘besiege’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence.

The party’s Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs will stage a “Chalo Rashtrapati Bhavan” (March to the President’s House) from Parliament to protest against inflation and unemployment.

(with agency input)

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