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Rainy diet: Why is it dangerous to eat meat in the rainy season? Learn

Non-vegetarian food in rainy season: The weather was pleasant after the rain. People don’t know what to do to enjoy the weather. Some people eat their favorite foods and some go out for a long drive on a bike soaked in raindrops, but in this weather you need to be very careful. Diseases and infections are most prevalent during this season. You have to be very careful about eating and drinking in the rain. A little carelessness can make you sick. Digestion is weak in the rain. Therefore, it is advisable to eat light and easily digestible food. Avoid meat especially in rainy season. Meat takes a long time to digest. In addition, eating such foods increases the risk of infection.

Why not eat meat in the rain?
There is a religious reason for not eating meat in the rainy season, it is the month of Lord Shiva. During this month people fast and fast. In such cases, non-vegetarians refrain from eating. Now let’s talk about the scientific approach behind this, in which meat is considered to be a slow digesting and high protein food. Weak digestion in the rainy season leads to slow digestion of meat and causes gas, heat, indigestion and other problems in the stomach.

Why is it dangerous to eat meat in the rain?
1- Danger of fungus- Humidity increases during the rainy season, thus increasing the risk of fungal infections, fungi and fungi. Foods start to spoil quickly. Non-vegetarians in particular are at risk of infection.

2- Poor digestion- Rain reduces the effect of digestion. In such a situation, non-vegetarian food becomes difficult to digest. Delayed digestion causes food to rot in the intestines. This increases the risk of food poisoning.

3- Animals get sick- Insects grow in the rain and animals get sick. Many diseases are spread in animals during this season, so eating meat can harm you too.

4- Fish get polluted- In the rain, along with the water, the dirt also goes into the lakes and then into the rivers. In such cases fish eat contaminated water and food. Avoid eating fish during this season. This can make you sick.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not endorse the practices, methods and claims outlined in this article. Take this as a suggestion only. Consult a doctor before taking any such treatment / medicine / diet.

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