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RCB Playoff Possibilities in IPL 2022 How RCB Can Play IPL Playoff 2022

IPL Playoff 2022: Now the battle to reach the playoffs is getting interesting with every match in the IPL. So far, only Gujarat Titans have secured their place in the playoffs, while Mumbai and Chennai are out of the playoffs. That means seven teams are now vying for the remaining three places in the playoffs. The teams from Lucknow and Rajasthan are leading the race. RCB is also currently in the top-4 of the points table, but its path has become a bit difficult after losing to Punjab Kings.

If RCB loses the last chain match, it is likely to be eliminated
RCB is fourth in the table with 7 wins from 13 matches. Punjab lost by 54 runs to a net score of -0.323. In such a scenario, if RCB loses the last match of the series to the Gujarat Titans, it will be difficult to reach the playoffs with 7 wins and this negative run as the other 6 teams in the league (Lucknow, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Hyderabad and Kolkata) have a chance to reach the playoffs with 7 wins or more. . The net run rate of all these teams is better than RCB.

It can be tough even after winning the last chain match
Even if RCB wins the last match of the series against Gujarat Titans, their negative net run could create problems for them. Because the other 5 teams in the league (Lucknow, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab and Hyderabad) also have a chance to reach the playoffs by winning 8 or more matches. However, looking at the equations, only one team from Delhi, Punjab and Hyderabad can win 8 matches. However, there are three teams remaining in the playoffs, so any team from Delhi, Punjab or Hyderabad, including Lucknow, Rajasthan, can enter with 8 wins and a good run. That means RCB will need to win the last match by a good margin.

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