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Read deleted WhatsApp messages. Here’s how to use it, but be careful

Deleted WhatsApp Messages can be restored but it can also be dangerous. Google Play Store There are numerous third party apps that offer access to virtually everything. Everything from Wi-Fi passwords to file converters, image editors, video editors, to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp, is available in the Play Store. The implication here is that you need to be extra careful when downloading these apps as they may require permissions to access your files, photos, contacts, etc. or they may not work properly.

Similarly, people make mistakes and sometimes send unwanted messages in groups or to an individual. WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to retrieve messages sent inadvertently or by mistake. If you want, you can also delete read messages and keep your favorite messages.

There may be situations when you need to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp. Third party apps available for Android phones allow you to do that but our sincere advice is not to use them too often or it could lead to data theft or any other cyber crime. This feature is not available for those who use the iPhone or use the iOS ecosystem.

We will tell you how to recover and read deleted WhatsApp messages:

There is an application called WAMR that lets you do just that. You can download it from the Google Play Store. Open it and read and accept the disclaimer and click on the next arrow. Then you need to select the apps you want to monitor. You have to choose WhatsApp from the options provided. You can also choose any other messaging apps if you want to monitor them.

Read all the information provided and keep swiping until you reach the setup screen. You will get a setup screen so you have to tap Enable next to the notification reader. You will now be redirected to your phone’s settings app to grant notification access.

From the settings you need to find WAMR and tap on it. Tap on Allow Notification Access and Allow Again. Once you have granted access to the application, you need to go back to the WAMR app and tap on the next arrow. Now, you can store your WhatsApp notification history. And if someone deletes a message sent to you on WhatsApp, WAMR will notify you and you can read the message by tapping on the notification.

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