Monday, August 8, 2022

Remember that children can be allergic to rain

Parenting Tips: Allergies are very common in children. Children playing in dust and dirt prove to be a major cause. And the most important thing is that these days there are no serious symptoms of allergy and it recovers quickly.

Following are some of the main allergies seen in children.

Seasonal allergies

Nowadays, children develop seasonal allergies due to the dirt and dust in the environment, you can use anti-histamine, eye drops, allergy shots etc. to get rid of these allergies.

Skin allergies

Food allergies

Some children cannot eat everything, so they become allergic to certain foods like eggs, milk, soy, etc. To prevent this, ask children to avoid the same things they may be allergic to.< /span>

Allergies to pets

Some children are allergic to pets. Allergy symptoms appear only when children come in contact with animals. In such cases it is better to keep the child away from the animal.

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