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Richa Chadha on Bollywood against South Industry says that Hindi movie stars have done it on the nose

Richa Chadha South Industry vs Bollywood: The entertainment industry is currently dominated by movies from the South. Southern films dominate the box office. First RRR (RRR) then KGF Chapter 2 (KGF Chapter 2), these films have made a splash. These films have set many records to their name. Though Southern films dominated the box office, Hindi films did not do well. The box office performance of Hindi films is very disappointing. This is being discussed in the industry. Now actress Richa Chadha has given her opinion on this. Richa has worked in Bollywood and South Industry.

Speaking to, Richa Chadha explained why the film was a hit in the South Industry and said that she had corrected her calculations on numbers and ticket prices. Citing the example of Vijay Starrer ‘Master’, Richa said that people in fan clubs go to see movies. Unlike the Hindi film industry and its greedy distributors, they keep ticket prices between 100 and 400. Whether it hits or not. At the same time, tickets cost more than Rs 400 in Bollywood. So fewer people come to see the movie.

Movie delivery problem
Richa further said that the problem lies in the distribution of films. Where theater ticket prices need to be controlled. Recently a movie has been released in theaters, I hope it will also be released on OTT platform soon. His lead was in the air, but when the first day’s collection of the film came out, his collection was less than one-third of the hero’s fee. If cinema is to survive, the big stakeholders in the industry must take responsibility.

We tell you, Pushpa, RRR and KGF Chapter 2 have been released in the last few months. Which are still prevalent everywhere today. Ranveer Singh’s Jayeshbhai Jordar has been released in theaters today. Now waiting for the box office collection of Ranveer’s film. We have to see how much Ranveer’s film shows on the first day.

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