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Sidhu Musewala was photographed on Imran Khan’s party hoardings during the election campaign

Islamabad: The hoardings used for the election campaign in Pakistan show the late Indian singer Sidhu Musawala and his popular song ‘295’. Musewala’s popularity is being exploited to attract voters in the upcoming by-elections in the country’s Punjab province.

Former Prime Minister during the by-election campaign for PP-217 in Multan area of ​​Punjab. Imran Khan Musewala’s photograph with Zain Qureshi was used on the Tehreek-e-Insaf party’s hoardings. According to News International, Jain Qureshi is the son of former Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

29 Musewala was killed in May
Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu (28) alias Sidhu Musewala was shot dead on May 29 in Mansa district of the Indian state of Punjab. The popular song ‘295’ of the singer has been depicted in the posters used in the election campaign. The song is a commentary on a section of the Indian Penal Code that deals with hurting religious sentiments. The by-election is scheduled for July 17.

,Or This photo has made this poster go viral,
When Zain Qureshi was asked about Musewala’s photograph on the election campaign hoardings, he said he did not know anything. Qureshi told BBC Urdu, “I would like to thank all those who put up the posters. Sidhu Musewala (Sidhu Moos Wala) has been printed. This photo has made this poster go viral. None of our posters have gone viral before. He said he was trying to find out who printed the picture on the poster and why. It is worth noting that Musewala has a large number of fans in Pakistan.

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