Saturday, May 28, 2022

South African fast bowler Enrique Nortje says Umran Malik needs to develop more skills

Enrique Nortje on Umran Malik: Umran Malik’s pace is a hot topic in the IPL. There is talk of including several veterans in his Team India. At the same time, after Mohammed Shami, South African fast bowler Enrique Nortje is confident that Umran Malik will still have to work on his diversity. Besides, he is confident that one day he will be able to make his mark in Team India.

His fast ball is being shot

Speaking about Umran Malik, he said that he will play for India in the future and will be an important part of his team. It also helps your luck. But the most important thing is how we bowl. Fours are being hit on his fast balls.

“It doesn’t matter what your speed is,” he added. Speed ​​is not everything. You also have to have control. I’m sure he’s working to control his speed.

Speaking further about Malik, he said that he has a lot of experienced people right now. In such a situation, he will definitely improve himself.

Shamin said the same thing

Shamin had said the same about Umran Malik. “Speed ​​is not everything,” he said. He is not ready for Team India yet. He needs to diversify his bowling.

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