Monday, August 8, 2022

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense claims – China is pretending to attack Taiwan

Taiwan over China: Regarding PLA war drills by the Chinese military, Taiwan has once again said that it is ready to face any situation. Also, Taiwan has said that China is carrying out imitation attacks in the Taiwan Strait. Pretending to attack is called simulating attack.

Taiwan has claimed that its air defense identification system has detected the presence of Chinese fighter jets within its territory. In response, Taiwanese fighter jets also flew combat air patrols. Apart from the air force, Taiwan has also activated its missile defense system and naval vessels are also conducting regular patrols. It is said that 68 Chinese Air Force planes crossed Taiwan’s airspace yesterday evening.

Taiwan’s defense ministry said Chinese military fighter jets were seen flying over the strait, some of which crossed the median line. Taiwan says that China may launch feigned attacks. “China’s deliberate military exercises are irresponsible to it and the international community,” Taiwan said. China’s maneuver weakens the position in the Taiwan Strait and creates high regional tensions, we call on China to act rationally and exercise restraint.

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The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan further gave this information

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said, “Our armed forces have increased their readiness and are closely monitoring military movements. Our government agencies have increased vigilance in response to China’s massive information warfare, and we call on private enterprises to intensify their response measures. We urge the international community to Calls for support for a democratic Taiwan by stopping unilateral and irrational military exercises.

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