Saturday, May 28, 2022

Troubled by WhatsApp chat, this is the solution to your problem

Whatsapp Features: WhatsApp is working on many new and interesting features to make your WhatsApp chats more interactive and attractive. Among the many features, the newest is the Filter Chat feature which will allow WhatsApp users to manage their chats. The app is currently testing the ability to filter chats. This new development is reported in a report. He shared that WhatsApp is testing the option to filter messages.

WhatsApp already offers chat filters, but only for WhatsApp business, on desktop and mobile apps. It allows users to filter unread messages, unsaved contacts in phonebooks as well as saved numbers and group chats. According to the report, the platform is now preparing to bring the same filter for regular non-commercial users. Once this feature is enabled, you can see the filter button.

Note that the filter toggle for WhatsApp business users only appears when they use the search bar, although tabs should always be visible to non-commercial users. Since this feature is being developed for standard WhatsApp accounts, nothing can be confirmed yet.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also working on a feature that will allow users to bring old conversations into the chat range with the default message timer allowing users to ‘disappear’ their old messages at once. Users can select multiple conversations and turn them into a simultaneously disappearing chat.

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