Saturday, May 28, 2022

Vodafone Idea has reached a download speed of 5.92 Gbps in Pune

Vodafone Idea (Vi) and Ericsson have reached the highest download speeds of 5.92 Gbps during 5G trials today. The new speed record was set by Vi during 5G tests in Pune, Maharashtra, on a single test device during a combination of 5G tests conducted on a combination of mid-band and high-band (mmWave) 5G test spectrum using Ericsson Massive MIMO Radio, Ericsson Cloud. Native dual mode 5G core for standalone architecture and NR-DC (new radio-dual connectivity) software.

Co 5G Standalone NR-DC software, Vs. It can deliver delay-sensitive and high-performance applications like AR / VR and 8K video streaming, as well as innovative new usage cases for consumers and industries after deploying 5G on its commercial network.

Earlier, during a showcase of 5G tests and usage cases in Pune, Vi had displayed speeds in excess of 4 Gbps. A new speed of 5.92 Gbps has been recorded using 5G spectrum allocated by the government for tests.

Jagbir Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Vi, said, “The test shows how Vi is constantly testing and building its network for new 5G based applications that rely on low latency, reliability and high speeds of 5G. For immersive media and video streaming services. Given the growing customer demand, the 5G speeds we have demonstrated will help us prepare for the greater needs of mobile broadband speeds and customer network capabilities, as we prepare for ‘5G for a Better Tomorrow. India. “

Vi has displayed a wide range of 5G usage cases during 5G trials in Pune and Gandhinagar.

Amarjit Singh, Vice President and Head of Ericsson’s Customer Unit Vi, said, 5G standalone with mmWave. Based on our global 5G deployment on 121 Live Network, we’re confident that we can help our Vi customers continue to grow their network seamlessly into 5G. “

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, November 2021 edition, 5G is expected to account for 39% of all mobile subscriptions in India by 2027.

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