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Yoga for Constipation: You can also get rid of the constipation caused by these yogasanas.

Yoga for constipation: If you are always complaining of constipation, you can overcome this complaint through these yogasanas. By the way, you have used many kinds of medicines and powders for the problem of constipation. Done But it would not have escaped. This problem actually occurs when a person finds it difficult to empty his large intestine. This problem can lead to many other ailments. If you also have constipation problem then this yoga will definitely help you. Let’s learn about these yogasanas.

Pavanmuktasana helps in removing unwanted gas from the stomach. This seat is great for good digestion. Patients suffering from constipation are always advised to do this asana.

This asana or cobra pose is considered very good for improving the function of the digestive system. This seat strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps to clear the entire digestive system. Practice this asana daily to overcome the problem of constipation and indigestion.

Half cycle
This seat works with a pinch to relieve constipation. The position of the body while doing this asana is like a half wheel. That is why this asana is called Ardhachakrasana. In addition to constipation, this seat also removes diabetes and belly fat.

This not only keeps the digestion smooth but also relieves lower back pain.

Disclaimer: Take the method, methods and claims mentioned in this article as suggestions only, ABP News does not confirm them. Consult a doctor before taking any such treatment / medicine / diet.

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