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You may be surprised to learn what it means to be bitten by a snake in a dream

Dreams of snakes, Meaning of dream: Dreams are sometimes indicative of good and bad things happening in our future. Astrology also describes a dangerous yoga associated with snakes, called kalasarpa dosha.

This yoga is formed due to the two ominous planets Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope. It is believed that the person whose horoscope creates this dangerous ominous yoga, his life is surrounded by struggles, crises. They have to work hard to succeed. If you see a snake in a dream or in reality or if it is attacked by a snake, it is sometimes associated with this yoga. According to dream science, seeing a snake in a dream is both auspicious and ominous.

Appearance of large number of snakes: If you see many snakes in a dream, the meaning of the dream becomes ominous. In such a case, dreaming like this indicates future problems. On the other hand, if you see a snake in your dream and it is chasing you and you are scared, it means that you are afraid of something. To dream like this is also considered inauspicious.

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Snake bites: If you are bitten by a snake in a dream, then this dream indicates a serious illness. If you see something like this in your dream, be careful. On the other hand, if you see a dead snake in your dream, the dream means that you are facing all the troubles caused by Rahu Dosha.

Seeing the teeth of a snake: The appearance of a snake’s teeth in a dream is also considered ominous. If you see something like this in your dream, you may be deceived by someone. The snake’s teeth in the dream also show damage.

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Fight between snakes and mongooses: The fight between the snake and the mongoose in the dream suggests that you get involved in some legal matters. This means that you are going to be trapped in some kind of courtroom.

Appearance of white snake: If you see a white or golden snake in a dream, it means your destiny will change. On the other hand, if you frequently see snakes in a dream, it may mean that you have a patriarchal defect. Also, if you see a snake in the bill, it means that you may suddenly get paid. If you see a snake spreading its fangs, you will get wealth.

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